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Mental Podcast

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We campaign for mandatory mental health education in UK Schools, so far we have nearly 200,000 signatures. Please join us by signing our petition. Thank you.



I co-host the award winning Mental Podcast with its founder Bobby Temps. Mental was created to breakdown mental health discrimination and stigma. Each week we are joined by a special guest who shares their story, experience or expertise in mental health experiences. The podcast is a safe place to hear honest and insightful interviews with the hope that the listeners will feel empowered to continue the conversation with others and in some cases get comfort from hearing other people with similar experiences.




COMING SOON - Fate and Freedom Podcast

I am so excited to be launching Fate and Freedom!!  As the host, I can't wait to delve in to the lives and experiences of the most interesting and inspiring guests. I am privileged to be in position where my life has been filled with many experiences and I have met some amazing people along the way, so sharing stories, learning and chatting with friends, colleagues, new people and of course those who inspire me and many others is my dream!! We will talk about cultural and social impacts on sport, education, gender, race, business, mental health and relationships. 


Conversations to listen out for:

  • Instilling Competition vs Everybody wins: Did someone actually say "no sports day in school"? 

  • Race vs Culture. Is culture more relevant than skin colour with regard to potential opportunities ?

  • Poor Mental Health vs Mental Illness: How do a generation of men deal with the unspoken trauma of losing multiple friends to murder, violence and long term jail sentences?

I look forward to sharing Fate and Freedom with you - I hope you find it as insightful and enlightening as I do!



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