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I am a free-spirited, openminded student of life and mum of two, who like many has been riding the highs and lows of this journey and learning from experience. I was enlightened when I realised that my own sense of ‘psychological freedom’ and breaking free from cultural and social expectations was the key to success - and this is what I want to share with others.

I grew up with change being the only constant; from challenging family dynamics to new schools and cities. These shifts brought with them intense emotional upheaval and yet somehow, I still managed to thrive – being selected to play netball for England was one of my proudest moments.

My professional background in psychology, performance coaching, leadership and mental health, alongside my personal experiences in life and competitive sport have all come together to enable me to connect and help others find their freedom and grow. I am still a work in progress of course (that is the enjoyment) but I have learnt through education, research and self-reflection that freedom is in the now, in each and every moment, after all, that is all we truly have. Outcomes, successes and the future are all unknown, so embrace the moment and allow yourself to be free because across all situations when we are truly free in our minds, creativity, performance and love will prevail. That's where the magic is. 
Danielle x

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